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The Purple Mistress! 


Edith Raya is a Costume Designer based in Los Angeles CA, where she was born and raised. Edith attended Los Angeles Trade Technical College and studied fashion and costume design. Edith's design work is very diverse.


She Believes that every scene is like a canvas painting, and the details of the costumes are very important for the eye of the audience. After much hard work and dedication Edith is now a member of The Costume Designer Guild 892.


 Edith approaches her life as passionately as she does her work.


Find out more about her below. 



Dear Sir or Madam


While I was a directing fellow at the AFI Conservatory, Edith Raya worked as Costume Designer on three of my films. She was fantastic to work with, wholly dedicated, and came up with some great imaginative designs even with the small budgets with which we had to work.  She most recently worked with me on a trailer and photo shoot for a prospective feature.  From matadors to Buster Keaton garb to Ninjas, Edith always blew me away with her creative attention to detail.

Edith is a well-disciplined, industrious artist with a pleasant personality.  She always goes beyond expectations or requirements in the quality of her work.  On a personal level, she is sweet, courteous, and fun to be around. 

I highly recommend her, and look forward to hiring her again in the future - next time with a larger budget. If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Jave Galt-Miller, Director




To whom it my concern


Edith Raya is one of the most professional, organized, personable Costume Designer I have ever had the good fortune to employ and work with.  Our project, Six Gun Savior, is a Western period piece involving many parts to many costumes. Filming has been done over the course of many months in many, many different locations.  Opportunities for problems could be plentiful yet Edith is a reliable, dependable professional who does not allow problems to occur, no matter the time, month or location. She is a hard worker always with a smile and positive attitude.  Her costumes are perfect! I highly recommend her to anyone with inquiry. Someone as dedicated and professional as Edith is truly a rare and valuable treasure.



Lorraine Ziff 

Actor, Story Editor, 
Voice Over Artist, 
Executive Producer





To whom it my concern.

I am writing this letter as both a reference and a recommendation for Edith Raya as a Costume Designer.
My name is Miguel Ali. I am the director of the feature film, Confessions of a Womanizer, a comedy that will be released in 2013. Edith was my costume designer and I worked very closely with her. I am supporting Edith because I find her to be very creative. If given the proper budget and a specific vision, Edith can capture about any costume imaginable. Of note, Edith’s best trait is her ability to take a vision and add to it. On our film, Confessions of a Womanizer, much of the costuming is what brought out the humor in the movie. I could depend on Edith to collaborate with me and bring out the humor in each costume, because she is insightful and intelligent.

Edith was also on-time with all of her costumes and was very honest if there was ever a problem. For me, she solved problems and never created any. As a director and a producer, I never had to worry about Costume Design, which was important for a film set that is independent.

In all, Edith is talented. If you do hire her, I recommend giving her a solid budget, as well as communicating with her, very clearly, about the costumes that are desired. Edith is a talented collaborator and it is a skill-set that should be taken advantage of. if you have further questions, I am happy to recommend Edith over the phone or email.

With love and peace -
Miguel Ali
OFFICE: 310-770-6953






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